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My interest in Android started in 2009 when I decided to give smartphone app development a shot. I spent my summer holiday’s evenings learning the Android platform from a book called “Professional Android Application Development” (Wiley). At the time, Android was new, not very popular, and only a few phones mainly from Google were running the OS.

HTC MagicDespite Apple and Palm dominating the smartphone market, I believed Android would become the most popular OS for many reasons.

  • Android is open source. The Android operating system is based on code from the “Android Open Source Project,” or AOSP. People can take that source code and create custom operating systems from it.
  • Android architecture

    Android is an open platform. It’s based on Linux and features a standard interface for hardware vendors to implement called HAL. It enables Android to be agnostic about lower-level driver implementations and so hardware. Nowadays Android OS is everywhere, in your car, your watch, your fridge, and of course your smartphone.

  • It features customizable user interface. Your app natively supports multiple display sizes, screen densities, languages.
  • Android is low Investment and easy to adopt.. or at least it was! The SDK and development environment called Android Studio is free and the Google application store almost free as well. Developers are required to pay a one-time registration fee for application distribution. Applications are developed in Java and developer can leverage a rich set of libraries. From the first version (September, 2008) to Oreo (August, 2017), complexity has been growing exponentially making it less easy to adopt but so much more powerful!

Since 2009, Android market share has been growing even faster than I could imagine. It now captures roughly 75% of the worldwide smartphone volume (statcounter) and Android is expdanding to new markets like the car industry, tvs, or connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications.

So if you want to access that market, your business needs an Android application.

I can make it happen!

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