Tag: 4.6

Move a spot up and down

Spots can be moved up or down in the Favorites screen by long pressing on the dark blue header and while holding it sliding the spot’s forecast to a new position in the list.

Create a myForecast

myForecasts are created from the myForecast screen (tap on the myForecast from the burger menu). myForecast applies to one of your favorite spots. Tap on the plus button to create a new myForecast. Use a meaningful name for a myForecast so you remember its purpose just from its name. For example, if you are a…

What is myForecast?

myForecast is the the fastest way to know when the weather is perfect for your outdoor activities. It filters the current forecast according to the wind strength and direction, wave height and direction, temperature and whether it will rain or not. The displayed forecast matches your criteria so you know right away when the weather…

Online Help

Online help (requires an Internet connection) is available from any screen showing a question mark icon on the topbar. Taping on the icon redirects to the help section related to the screen.


WindGURU11 is divided into 7 different sections that can be accessed from the left side navigation drawer at any time. To open the navigation drawer you need to tap on the “burger” menu when it is shown, or perform  a right side swipe from the left border.